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Topeng Wayang Yogyakarta

  • Harga
    Rp 100.000 - Rp 300.000
  • Min Pembelian 1
  • SatuanUnit
  • Update Terakhir30/12/2015
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Info Produk

Our business focused on producing finest quality Javanese mask. Our craftsmen are very professional and have trained years under supervision of the descendant of the creator of the “Javanese masks” itself. We use only carefully selected woods to make the mask. Our highest quality mask made from old oak tree wood. Carved into perfection by our skillful craftsmen and painted by hand in very high details. We have a full 32 models of “wayang” faces that we can produce. We used to ship the product to art shops along Kuta and Sanur Beach (Bali, Indonesia). But since the “Bom Bali” Case, the order was stopped because tourists are decreasing. The price of a mask may vary depend on the wood, model, and/or the paint. But it should roughly range about $10-$35 per piece. The minimum order is 50 pieces. We also have very special quality of Mask. It’s a replica of actual antique mask of more than 70 years old. This replica masks is produced by the descendant of the creator of the “Javanese masks” itself. We only made this mask by order; the price for this special quality mask is $100. The minimum order is 1 piece